Appealing Curb Designs Irrigation

At Appealing Curb Designs, we realize how crucial your irrigation system is to keeping your site looking its best. We understand that proper water management is a balance between conserving water while also providing enough water for healthy and appealing plant growth.

Choosing Irrigation

Every homeowner and business owner understands the importance of an attractive outdoor landscape, but even the most beautifully designed landscape will not look its best without ongoing attention. One of the most important elements of keeping that landscape looking its best is proper irrigation, especially during those times of year when sufficient rainfall does not arrive in the Austin and Central Texas Area.

There are many different types of irrigation systems available. The most common of these is spray, rotary and drip irrigation. Spray Systems are the most popular form of irrigation for home lawns and gardens, and are most advantageous for small yard areas. The nozzles are easily changed to accommodate different spray positions, and the system in general is quite dependable, requiring little maintenance. Rotary systems are most frequently used for large areas and are commonly seen on athletic fields. Rotary systems throw one or more streams of water up to 100 feet. This system is advantageous to cover large areas in which a high number of spray heads would be impractical. Despite the velocity of the water from the sprayer, rotary systems actually produce less water than spray systems. Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient, water conserving types of irrigation systems. Drip irrigation has a number of important advantages over other types of irrigation, including:

  • Reduced water use
  • Easily accommodates planters and hanging baskets
  • Good irrigation for narrow and oddly shaped areas

Drip irrigation systems use a network of pipes and tubing to slowly and efficiently distribute water at low pressure. This low pressure distribution of water provides less waste than traditional overhead sprinkler types of watering, and in many cases this slow, steady water flow provides healthier and less disease prone plants.

Appealing Curb Designs Irrigation


As a certified Hunter Irrigation Installer, Appealing Curb Designs will install quality irrigation systems with genuine products. Appealing Curb Designs is trained and experienced professional irrigation contractor with a history of customer satisfaction in both system installation and service. Appealing Curb Designs will protect your drinking water supply by installing the appropriate backflow device. Appealing Curb Designs will select the right Hunter Irrigation products for the unique needs of your landscape, program your controller to operate at maximum efficiency, and instruct you on how to adjust your system's watering schedule to meet seasonal requirements.

Pool Cap Off Service

Appealing Curb Designs can re-route your sprinkler system during swimming pool construction. Existing irrigation will be capped off to allow the usage of lawn sprinklers in areas not affected by the pool's construction, then re-route sprinklers around pool as needed to maintain a beautiful backyard.

Spring Irrigation System Start-ups Checklist

A certified Appealing Curb Designs technician can be called to complete the following Spring time Irrigation start-up Checklist.
  1. Before turning on any water to the system, make sure all manual drain valves are returned to the "closed" position.
  2. Open the system main water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill with water gradually. If these valves are opened too quickly, sprinkler main lines are subjected to high surge pressures, uncontrolled flow and water hammer.
  3. Verify the proper operation of each zone valve by manually activating it from the controller.
  4. Walk through each station on the controller, checking for proper operation of the zone. Check for proper operating pressure (low pressure indicates a line break or missing sprinkler), proper rotation and adjustment of sprinkler heads, and adequate coverage. Check and clean filters on poorly performing sprinklers. Adjust heads to grade as necessary.
  5. Reprogram the controller for automatic watering. Replace the controller back-up battery if necessary.
  6. Uncover and clean the system rain sensor, if applicable.
  7. Finish and clean any in-line filters for drip irrigation zones.
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