Landscape Lighting

Appealing Curb Designs Landscaping

Many homeowners work all day and arrive home at night. You can enjoy your yard after dark, while increasing security on your property with Appealing Curb Designs' landscaping lighting systems. At night you can't see the landscape at all, and the house fades into the night. More and more Appealing Curb Designs customers are finding that architectural and landscape lighting allows them to extend the enjoyment of their landscape investment into the evening hours.

Adding landscape lighting improves curb appeal, expands living space and increases the safety and security of your home. The right lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the exterior of your home and your yard. You'll even enjoy the lighting from inside.

Appealing Curb Designs will determine focal points, use areas, traffic patterns, outdoor style, and the mood you want to achieve. They will consider how the proposed lighting will enhance the form, color and texture of the soft and hard landscape elements. Appealing Curb Designs knows that lighting should serve to unify both interior and exterior design themes, conceal what may be unattractive and shape the view of the landscape at night

You can have full confidence in Appealing Curb Designs' ability to provide a lighting plan that acknowledges the unique qualities of the structures and the landscaping. Appealing Curb Designs lighting system will demonstrate their ability to achieve the lighting effects desired by you while considering the issues of cost, equipment performance and site conditions.

Appealing Curb Designs uses the following Professional FX Luminaire Lighting Products
ReflectoreStellato CarinoRame LustroRame
CandelaPasso LouverMassimo MolluscoMuro
CopertinaLuce ViteLume LunaSonora TrellisSolare
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