Stone and Water Features

Appealing Curb Designs Landscaping

Stone Features

No landscape is complete without beautiful, natural landscape stones. Landscaping with natural stone planters, walkways, patios, and walls could enhance the beauty and value of your plants, and home.

Appealing Curb Designs can design and install natural stone:

  • Patios
  • Landscape Paths, walkways and garden stepping stones
  • Side and front walks
  • Accent pieces for water gardens and, of course, rock gardens
  • Stone planter walls
  • Stone retaining walls
Appealing Curb Designs Landscaping

The beauty of natural stone is an important part of your properties overall landscape design. Appealing Curb Designs will help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of.

Water Features

Nothing can quite transform a landscape like a water feature. Whether it's a dramatic waterfall or a quiet pond, water works its magic on any garden, providing a focal point and a place of relaxation. Running water provides soothing background music and masks traffic and neighborhood noise. Appealing Curb Designs can design a water feature that is not only beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, but is soothing to listen to.

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